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Liquid Shim

Liquid shims are epoxy-based materials that have extremely high compressive strengths and resist micro-cracking after exposure to a wide range of temperatures. Liquid shim material is used to eliminate gaps and differences between parts accommodating an imperfect fit between two substrates. Liquid shims provide a good balance between open assembly time and handling strength.

Two-component, ambient cure paste
Low slump, high compressive strength
Resistant to micro-cracking up to 2,000 thermal cycles

Magnobond 6398 is a thixotropic paste epoxy system used for bonding metals and composite structures and as a liquid shim. Magnolia 6398 has good properties at both high and low temperatures using a room temperature cure. Qualified to Bell 299-947-100, Type II, Class 2 and Lockheed LMA-ML111, Type I.

Magnobond 6389 is a graphite-filled epoxy adhesive system used as a liquid shim. Qualified to Gulfstream Aerospace GMS 4003, Types I & II, Class B, Cure 1.

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