Magnolia Plastics
AC Products
Interior Adhesives and Syntactics
Magnobond 91 is a two-component, room temperature curing, self-extinguishing, low density epoxy potting system. Qualified to Boeing BMS 5-28 Type 17 and Rohr RMS027, Type V, Class III.

Magnobond 92-1 is a two-component, high strength, flame retardant potting system for metal, plastic and paper honeycomb core. Qualified to Boeing BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 1.

Magnolia 85-3 is a two-component, lightweight, rapid curing, epoxy syntactic designed for edge fill in honeycomb panel. Meets the requirements of FAR 25.853A. Qualified to Nordam NM 3054, Type
3, Grade 1B.

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