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Water based Chemical Milling Maskants.


AC-972-WB MASKANT is a water based hand peelable coating designed specifically for processing aircraft fuselage skins and structural components. This version of AC-972-WB Maskant can be spray or dip applied and offers reduced adhesion for use on Alodine 1500 treated aluminum, deoxidized aluminum, grit blasted steel, and grit blasted titanium.

AC-972-WB MASKANT provides excellent performance through the following processes:
1 Chemical Milling - Acid etchants for titanium and various steel alloys.
2 Chemical Milling - Basic etchants for various aluminum alloys.
3 Chemical Processing - Metal bonding and various anodizing acids. Use with AC-950-WB Topcoat.
4 Physical protection during forming, transportation, and storage

AC-972-WB MASKANT Datasheet (Download PDF)