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AC-WB Line Sealer (JW5-33 Clear)

AC-WB Line Sealer (JW5-33 Clear) is a water based air or forced cure coating that provides protection to prescribed knife and laser cut lines during the chemical milling process. AC-WB Line Sealer (JW5-33 Clear) can also be used as a repair coat to seal minor maskant defects. Typical defects include air bubbles, grit particles and minor scrapes. AC-WB Line Sealer (JW5-33 Clear) provides outstanding resistance to both caustic and acid solutions. When the maskant is properly cleaned prior to the application of the Line Sealer, prescribed lines are being successfully protected in aluminum Type II etchants at temperatures up to 220°F. for metal removal of 180 mils.

AC-WB Line Sealer (JW5-33 Clear) Datasheet (Download PDF)