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Solvent free mold release system

Fresh Start / Non-Hazardous Cleaner

Fresh Start has been developed for use in the aerospace industry to clean a tool or finished part to a waterbreak-free surface without the use of solvents or other hazardous components. Fresh Start is effective in removing most contaminants and semi-permanent release coatings on both new and existing tools. Fresh Start can also be used to prepare parts for secondary bonding, painting, or other processing that usually requires a clean surface.

PreFlight / Non-Hazardous Tool Surface Conditioner

PreFlight is a tool surface conditioner developed to treat both the chemical and physical bonding sites found on every "raw" tool surface to prepare for the application of Departure release agent. This step, which only needs to be taken once per cleaning cycle, will dramatically increase both the life of the tool and the performance of the release coating. In addition to these benefits, you can expect improved appearance of parts and a reduced need for post finishing.

Departure / Non-Hazardous Release Agent

Departure release agent has been specifically formulated to meet the high performance requirements of the Advanced Composites industry by providing consistent, effortless releases without buildup on the tool. Departure is a versatile, nonhazardous polymer that chemically bonds to the tool surface. Departure is thermally stable up to 500° F. (260° C.).
Check out our new pre-saturated Departure Wipes (PDS and MSDS) to reduce the risk of overapplication.

PregMagic / Non-Hazardous Pre-Preg Tack Promoter

PregMagic is specially designed to ease the problem of wrinkle-free layout and precision “stacking”
of drier pre-pregs and peel-ply materials by creating a temporarily tacky surface on the tool.