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Temporary protective coating.

AC-940-Blue Temporary Protective Coating

AC-940-BLUE will cure to a tough protective plastic film, which can be easily peeled off by hand when no
longer required.

AC-940-BLUE is a waterbased liquid coating that can be applied by airless spray, conventional air spray (may require thinning with water), or by brush or roller. Use AC-940-BLUE as you would other waterbased paints. Clean up with water.

Primarily used to protect fiberglass parts and molds. Protects tubs, showers, boat decks, hull liners,
plastic parts and most other non porous surfaces from paint, plaster, sealants, resins, polyurethane
foam and abrasives during construction, storage, transportation and repair. AC-940-BLUE has been
used to protect the following surfaces: Gelcoat, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Glass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

AC940 Application notes (Download PDF)

AC 940 Datasheet (Download PDF)